Bezsensopedia is a very important and prestigious site, so we must have English-language pages too!

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When a picture hasn't got any common with a title...

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, Tuvalu doesn't exist, butter have a taste like butter. Nails aren't fine. Bezsensopedia rules!

Yo! I like cakes and a pornographic film about Titanic. Your mum use to giving ass for a kebab. I'm A pOkemoN aNd i lOve sWEeT pHoToS. I've got two dogs, four cats and a tiger in my toilet. I'm reading Shit Works. Bezsensopedia rules!

We download the application from the page In the next step we read all contracts in Mongolian and choose installing Tibia on disc C or D. Bass guitarist usually has better knowledge about music than acoustic guitarist. Desperado is the music video for Cancion del Mariachi. Bezsensopedia rules!

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